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GARDENA smart system

Never leave your garden behind

With an intelligent irrigation system and robotic lawnmower, your garden is taken care of, from anywhere.

Explore the GARDENA smart App benefits

The app at a glance

The GARDENA smart App can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android or you can access it via the web. It is intuitive to use and enables you to take care of your garden with only the touch of your fingertips. It is easy to get started - simply download the app, create an account, which is required to operate your GARDENA smart system devices and you’re ready to go!

More about the app

Smart partnerships for your garden

The GARDENA smart system is accessible to compatible devices from other manufactures, which can be connected to the system via the app. Even more possibilities arise through the connection to established cloud platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

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GARDENA smart system partner logos

How to start with the GARDENA smart system?

1. Get your first GARDENA smart product

Enter the world of smart gardening with GARDENA smart system. Whether it's lawn mowing, automatic irrigation or pumps, easily choose between the product sets offered to get started quickly. Every set includes a hardware product and a smart Gateway.

2. Get the GARDENA smart App

The GARDENA smart App takes you by the hand in getting started quickly with your smart system setup, which includes the GARDENA Gateway installation too. With the GARDENA smart App, you have full control over your GARDENA smart devices that allows scheduling of various gardening tasks at your convenience.

3. Expand your GARDENA smart system

You can expand your GARDENA smart system with more smart devices anytime you like. Below you will find an overview of all the products available for integration.

Which products can I connect to the GARDENA smart system?

GARDENA smart system icon water control

smart Water Control - at the tap

Water a single garden area. Tip: Add a smart Sensor to save water.

smart Irrigation Control - permanently installed and underground

Water multiple garden areas. Tip: Add a smart Sensor to save water

smart Pump

Water multiple garden areas. Tip: Add a smart Sensor to save water.

smart Robotic lawnmowers

Mow the lawn automatically the smart way.

smart - Power Adapter

Control any electric device (e.g. lights) with the GARDENA smart App.

smart system

View all smart system products

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

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Service and Consultation

We offer you a range of great services.

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Brochure GARDENA smart system

Get even more information from our helpful brochure.

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Find a GARDENA distributor near you.

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*Available for smart water products and smart Power Adapter

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